Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

Negeri Di Awan

Land In The Cloud
Negeri Di Awan

In the shadow of ur face, I find love and life. That I've been looking for in the past. U come to me and offer me ur pure heart, always trying to understand all my needs. You play for me a song about then land in the clouds. Where peace is the castle an now you guide me on my way there. Your heart is filled on my way there. Your heart is filled with the language og love, and spoken in happiness and sadness. (Kataon Bagaskara)


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Pada 29 Oktober 2009 06.02 , Anonymous Wisata Riau mengatakan...

hi.. sobt.. foto yg langka.. hehehe...
klu mau cerita2 tentang Riau silakan add ym saya "nanlimo" sip... salam bloggers..


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